The Lombardi Case 1975 at Live in Theater

The daughter of a politician is killed on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a drug-infested squat.  You and the rest of the patrons attending the “show” become rookie cops in order to solve the interactive murder mystery.  In small groups, we scour the streets searching for people and information.  At the end of the hunt, we bring in the suspects and determine the perpetrator.  Live in Theater created this show and did a nice job with it.

For those of you who like “Clue”, “Sherlock Holmes” and other murder mystery movies and games, this is an experience you would enjoy.  Walking around the Lower East Side of Manhattan investigating people on the street was interesting and entertaining.  Yes, they were performers but they interacted with the average Joe walking down the street.  At one point the transvestite “Vinnie” was screaming at passers by saying “you were with me last night.  Remember!”  Each of the actors fully embodied their roles and made the crime seem believable.

Be advised, there is strong language, topics of drugs and cigarette smoke permeates the show.  This is not suited for younger people.  For more information check out:

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