The Woodsman play

THE WOODSMAN, is the back story of how the Tin Man from Oz grew up, started his profession and fell in love.  It was the most beautiful art piece I have seen in a while.  Not only did James Ortiz write and co-direct it, he was the set designer, puppet designer and played a leading role.  When you walked into the space, you could not help but catch the whimsical vibe.  There were tree branches surrounding the stage as well as mason jar lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Amanda-Adele-Lederer-Carol-Uraneck-Eliza-Simpson-opening-520x347This piece was strung together by movements, gestures, puppets, the actor’s breathing patterns and a solo violin.  There were hardly any spoken words except for the monologue in the beginning to set the scene.  It allowed the audience to focus on each character and within the first five minutes of the show, you were drawn in and felt connected.  By the end of the sixty minutes, you could hear people sobbing and when it was all said and done, the audience rose as one and burst into applause.


THE WOODSMAN is a show you do not want to miss.  It is better experienced than written about because it tugs on your heart and makes you feel.  Hurry and get your tickets because the show closes on February 16th.  Info here:

Rating: To Be

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