“To The Moon” from 1955 sitcom to 2013 whimsical play

550451_10151509768026278_911743291_nOpen Eye Figure Theatre is known for their whimsical unique work.  Although they produce shows around the Twin Cities, their home base theater is a 110-year old building in South Minneapolis where “To The Moon” is currently being produced.  When you walk in the quaint building wooden floors and pillars abound.  The tiered seating allows for up to 90 patrons and you are able to enjoy  beer, wine, cookies or tea while you watch.  All in all it is a charming, inviting atmosphere and a beautiful place to escape the chilly winter weather.

“To The Moon” is a comedic play which also involves tragedy and is based on the 1950’s television show “The Honeymooners”.  It is set in a simple small apartment in New York.  Within the 90 minute show  we experienced three episodes which revolved around four characters: Jackie Ward (Maren Ward), Alice Carroll Ward (Annie Enneking), Edward Norton (Kimberly Richardson) and Trixie Beatrice Norton (Emily Zimmer).  The audience absolutely loved the show and many belly laughs rung throughout.

563158_10151468038371278_85862326_nAll four characters were played by female’s which gave the show a new twist.  Kimberly Richardson who played Ed Norton was an incredible actress.  Her limber body movements, facial expressions and full embodiment of the male figure were captivating.  During the second episode she did a dance that was quirky and absolutely hilarious.  When she finished the entire audience paused for a round of applause.  In my opinion, her acting was so superb that she should be nominated for an IVEY Award.

This show is not a typical story telling piece.  It does have conflict, love, interesting characters and so forth but it is more of a television series.  If you haven’t seen “The Honeymooners” it may not make as much sense so I would advise watching some YouTube clips before seeing the show.  Either way,  it is entertaining and truly Kimberly Richardson is so phenomenal to watch it is worth going just to see her perform.

For an enjoyable 90 minutes go see “To The Moon” running through March 10th.  Up next,  “The Full Moon Puppet Show” on Saturday April 27th.  For further details check their website: http://www.openeyetheatre.org/


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