Twelfth Night by Pig Iron Theatre Company

Pig Iron Theatre Company is now performing TWELFTH NIGHT at the Abrons Art Center in New York City.  The classic Shakespeare piece tells the tale of lovers, gender confusion, mistaken identity, practical jokes and ties it all together with original music.  Clocking in right around three hours makes for a long night.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.42.22 PMHighlights of the show were the space, clever set pieces and band.  The theater itself had an old charm to it.  Very inviting and quaint.  On stage, a landing perch had a slide underneath it where actors could slip around on.  It made for some good comedic moments.  Band members traipsed on and off stage throughout the show.  They were silly and fun to watch.

Sir Toby played by James Sugg was hilarious when he first stepped on stage.  However, his one dimension acting of playing the drunk who yelled all the time got old fast.  It was distracting at times because he seemed to steal the limelight from other performers.  Chris Thorn who played Malvolio was the true gem.  He was austere and yet easily excited.

All together, the show dragged on.  It felt flat and drawn out.  Not the best Shakespeare performance I have seen, but alright.

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Rating: That Is The Question

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