Tyson vs Ali

If you like boxing, TYSON VS ALI is a play which is true to the sport.  We find ourselves in the role of spectators as we watch men wrestle in an actual boxing ring.  Four actors take turns embodying both Tyson and Ali at different points in their careers.   We also meet a ref who plays multiple parts throughout the show.

This fast-paced, sixty minute play, transitions by way of “rounds”.  Each is categorized to signify what is happening.  There are multiple screens which fight scenes are projected on in order to give us dates, times and events.  I’m still not sure what the draw to this show was.  There wasn’t enough history or story telling to be a solid play.  There were funny lines sprinkled in here and there and the boxing seemed very genuine.  However, the show itself seemed unfinished.  There wasn’t much of a point.  In short, not memorable.


For more information: http://www.ps122.org/tyson-vs-ali/

Rating: That Is The Question

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