“Yankee Wives” by David Rimmer

groupYankee Wives“, a play written and directed by David Rimmer, tells the story of six women whose husbands play for the New York Yankees.  The show brings us inside the wives lounge where we learn about sex, scandal, drinking and the way that the women cope with all of it.  The set was simple, just the inside of a locker room area but it functioned well and it allowed us to focus on the women more than anything else.  

The first scene was uncomfortable due to the subject matter and the poor acting choices.  The second act was much more enjoyable and the actors seemed to find the point of the play.  Jennifer Laine Williams played the over protective, head honcho wife, Sally, who stumbled over her lines when in a group but when she was on her own she was fine.  At times she was hard to watch due to odd acting choices and not really knowing who she was.  My two favorites were Eliza Simpson who played Wyla and Cristina Marie who played Connie.  Although Eliza overacted a bit, she is young and possesses some talent that if worked on, could really make her better.  Cristina was a breath of fresh air because she just got it.  She knew how to stand on stage and carry herself.  McKenna Fox who played Connie’s friend, Ronnie, was over the top and quite frankly, awkward to watch.

During the second act the show got more emotional and the audience was able to connect.  At first, it felt as though it would be a disaster.  For me, the first act needs some fine tuning and some of the casting choices were off.  However, it was an interesting insight to the lives of baseball wives and the struggles they deal with.  There were some bright moments that kept my interest and made me think I would like to see a revised version of this down the road. For more information on this show check out: http://grouptheatretoo.biz/yankeewives/main.html

 *The playwright and his wife were at the show greeting patrons, which was a friendly gesture and much appreciated.

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