Interview: “Be a Good Little Widow”

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.44.31 PMOn a breezy Tuesday afternoon outside of a Starbucks, I sat down with Co-Producers and actresses Chris Holliday and Aamira Welthy to talk about their upcoming off-off Broadway show, “Be a Good Little Widow.”  The next morning Director, Elena Araoz took a break from another project to do a phone call with me.  They were all very passionate about this show and working together.  Here’s a little inside look into their play:

The Playbill Collector (TPC): How did you arrive at this particular show?

Chris Holliday (CH): Aamira and I met at the William Esper Studio.  Since that time we have talked about Producing something together.  One day Aamira was at the Drama Book Shop and I got a call saying “this is it.”  After I read the script the first time, I fell on the floor sobbing.  I’ve read it over twenty times and I cry every time.

Elena Araoz: (EA): The playwright’s language is uber modern.  It’s the way young people speak.  In a lot of respects is seems like realism.


TPC: How large is your cast?

CH: Four people.  Our cast and crew are the nicest, hardest working, honest and intelligent group.


TPC: Have any of you worked together before?

AW: Elena and I worked together previously.  Everyone else is new.


TPC: Tell me about the sets and costumes.

Both CH and AW: Ahhhhh!

CH: The set was done by Greg Kozatek and George Hoffmann who are geniuses.

AW: We have a functioning house on stage but it is dreamlike.  They created an abstract set which reminds me of Tim Burton’s fantasy film “Edward Scissorhands”.

 EA: The show is most often done with a reality set.  We chose to go abstract to highlight the theatricality of the piece.


TPC: What’s the run time of the show?

EA: 90 minutes.  It’s jam-packed with huge epic events.  There is  tragedy yet still maintains a modern sense of humor. There is a great sense of dry wit, irony and sarcasm.  It’s a challenge to the actors to go to hell and back but stay funny.

AW: It’s very comedic and light hearted but touching as well.  Honestly, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

TPC: How large is the theater?

CH: 89 seat amphitheater.  It’s in the east village which is fun and lively.

“Be a Good Little Widow” opens Thursday September 12th at “The Wild Project” theater.  For more information take a look at their website:

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