Bullet points on the NPR interview “How Singing with Others Changes Your Life”

9781616200411_custom-c55c4b79a62918fbaaafe34ab62ecd11f023658e-s2Ari Shapiro of NPR interviews Stacy Horn the author of “Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness in Singing With Others” as well as Daniel Levitin the author of “This Is Brain on Music”.  Others were encouraged to call in and tell their experience of how singing in groups have changed their lives.  Below are bullet points that stood out to me:
  • The People’s Choral Union started in 1892.  The leader charged 10 cents per class so they could experience the joy of singing.

  • Composer Randall Thompson said ”If a piece of music is too difficult for amateurs to sing, chances are, it isn’t good enough.”  Music should be something that everyone can sing.

  • “When you are in harmony with a bunch of people its like coming out of a coma or zombie like state into this world with many more dimensions.” -Stacy Horn
  • In Stacy Horn’s choir the singers were in quartets which allowed them to feel the harmonies more. Usually everyone sits in their section (soprano, alto, etc.)
  • Charlie in Columbus, Ohio sent an email explaining how he was flying home from overseas on September 11th. He was delayed for a few days and on his Delta flight home on the 14th, the passengers sang “God Bless America”.
  • It’s only been a few hundred years since concert halls popped up and conductors started to lead. Before then more people sang just naturally.
  • Christine from Lake City, Florida says “That feeling, whatever is going on in the brain, I am hooked on it. It is heavenly. It is the language of angels.”
  • “Life is so unstructured and disorderly much of the time but music is highly structured and ordered.”  -Daniel Levitin
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