Fringe show interview with Candy Simmons

“Expiration Date” is a one woman play, created and performed by Candy Simmons and directed by Tyler Olsen with movement direction by Laura Holway.  Lucille is a smart, funny young woman who has been given a rapidly approaching deadline.  “Expiration Date” offers an unsentimental and comedic peek into one woman’s leap into the great unknown.  Due to the lovely world of technology, Candy and I did a Skype interview. 
The Playbill Collector (TPC): How many one woman plays have you done?
Candy Simmons: This is my second full length.  The first one I co-wrote with my colleague Chris Van Strander, which is called “AfterLife”.  It’s actually being remounted in late August at the Adventure Theater Festival in Plainview, MN.  
TPC: Have you toured this show?
Candy: Yes, the initial showing was last March and I’ve toured it within the metro area so far.  I love solo work, because it’s all about my interaction with the audience, our relationship moves the show along.  Performing it at the Fringe gives me a chance to re-write and re-work some things.  The hope is after this, to get a feel for what works and tour it over the next few years.
TPC: Where are you hoping to tour?
Candy: Minnesota and then nationally, to traditional theaters, as well conferences addressing topics such as end of life and legal issues. 
TPC: What gave you the idea to write this show?
Candy: It stemmed from losing two friends who died in their 30’s.  I spent a lot of time in hospitals with them and learning from their experiences.  I was thinking about how I could honor them, and decided I wanted to create a play. I started writing, then did interviews with professionals in the healthcare industry, people about their loved ones, as well as read tons and did research.  It’s a fictional story about a woman finding out she is ill and how she deals with it. 
TPC: Who is your target audience for the show? 
Candy: Hospice workers and medical folks are at the top, but it’s a subject that we all have to deal with.  So, I think its a piece that resonates with everyone who’s lost a loved one, meaning everyone.  I’ve strived for it to be honest and its definitely funny at times.  I wanted to do it at the Fringe to share it with a new audience.  It originally premiered last year, since then I’ve gained new collaborators and the piece has evolved.  Families can bring kids but its probably not ideal for those 12 and under. 
TPC: Do you primarily act, write or both?
Candy: Both.  Before moving to the Twin Cities I worked in New York City for 11 years doing a lot of new works.  It’s been seven years since I put together my first touring show, and I love balancing both sides of the business.
Candy has worked with other theaters in the Twin Cities as well including the Gremlin Theater and Red Eye.  She enjoys writing, acting and producing.  For more information visit her website: Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.46.10 AM


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