Fringe show interview with Annie Scott Riley

i-make-no-promises-postcard-frontWriter, Annie Scott Riley and I spoke over the phone about social media, New York and most importantly, her Fringe show “I Make No Promises, But Someone’s Probably Going to Die”.  The production is presented by Trusty Paper Ship starring John Middleton, Clarence Wethern, Adia Morris, Joanna Harmon, Dave Gangler and Heather Stone.  The play is an absurd comedy about coping with the realities of life, including the horrifying surprises and the unbearably important choices.  Ultimately, it’s a show about deciding not to kill yourself.


The Playbill Collector (TPC): What’s your part in the show?

Annie Scott Riley: I’m producing and I wrote it.


TPC: What got you started on this show?

Annie: I wrote it a few years ago in New York. I had become good friends with John Patrick Shanley, and he told me to write a ten minute play. I’d never written a ten minute play. I’d always thought that was sort of pointless. Nevertheless, I did it, and it was first performed at a party in his living room.  It was well received, and eventually, after I shopped it around, it won some awards. This year, when I got a spot at the Fringe, I decided to work more on it and make it a full length show.


TPC: So it was originally a ten minute play?

Annie: Yes. It’s a comedy about hopelessness. The show takes place in a world where killing yourself is an elegant thing. It’s hard to explain how that kind of subject matter could be funny, but it seems to work, largely due to a very talented cast.


TPC: Is your show now 50 minutes?

Annie: It depends on audience interaction. The preview of it went well.  We were — well, I was — worried people would be offended, but they laughed after every line. I’m interested to see how people react to the full show.


TPC: How did you cast the show?

Annie: Some of them I knew from a reading I held a few months ago, and others are friends.  They’re all the best actors in town that I know, and people I’ve known who I’ve wanted to work with. I’d be just as likely  to invite them to brunch as I would to be in a play.


TPC: What are some big things you want us to know about your show?

Annie: It’s a very tricky subject matter, but the cast handles it masterfully. The script is intended to be uplifting and joyful.


TPC: This sounds so interesting!

Annie: It will either be exciting or deeply offensive. We’re hoping for the former.


To learn more about the show visit:

Show Dates (at the Illusion Theater):
•    Thursday, August 1 – 8:30pm
•    Saturday, August 3 – 8:30pm
•    Monday, August 5 – 8:30pm
•    Friday, August 9 – 4:00pm
•    Saturday, August 10 – 10:00pm

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