If I had to pick my top 8 shows lately…

Last August I packed my bags in Minnesota and set out for a new journey in New York City.  I bought a one way ticket and decided to give it a go.  New York City was never a place I wanted to move but circumstances opened up for me to go there and I am very thankful I was given the opportunity.  After six months, I moved to San Diego which is where I am currently living.
For a while I have wanted to compile a list of the top shows I saw between September 2013 and now (November 2014).  After going back through my posts, I am blown away by how many performances I had the privilege of seeing.  Some I loved, some I loathed but all in all, I am grateful for the opportunity to think, feel and experience live theater.
Below are eight shows that stuck out to me.  They are in no particular order, because truthfully, it would be too hard for me to pick a winner.  For the full reviews you can click on the links at the bottom of each post.
* MY FAIR LADY at the Guthrie Theater 
When I was young I was in the show and have seen it many times.  The Guthrie did the most impressive job I’ve ever seen with the show.  The costumes, set, lighting and cast were so powerful.  It’s a show I would have seen a few times if given the opportunity.
* PARADE at Arden Theatre Company 
A few years ago I read the libretto of PARADE and fell in love with the story and music.  Jason Robert Brown is my favorite composer and I was in awe of his score.  This year I saw it for the first time at The Arden and was blown away.  The touching story, accompanied by heartfelt music was so much to take in; hence my weeping.  I didn’t review the show but I interviewed one of the actors.

* ANYTHING GOES National Tour

The show has something for everyone.  It’s good, clean theater which adults and children alike can enjoy.  The musical numbers and dance scenes are mesmerizing.  So far I have’t done I write up but I did interview Brian Krinsky who plays Billy.  http://theplaybillcollector.com/interviews/interview-with-actor-brian-krinsky-of-anything-goes

* THE WOODSMAN  Off-Broadway
This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.  Even though I saw it last fall, it pops up in my mind from time to time.  The play was one of the most touching art pieces.  It’s hard to explain because there were no words, just movements and sounds from the actors.
* BEAUTIFUL on Broadway
Of all the Broadway shows I saw while living in New York City for those six months, this was my favorite.  So much so that I saw it twice and insisted everyone I know saw it.  Confession: when Jessie Mueller won the Tony Award, I cried happy tears.
* THE WHO & THE WHAT at La Jolla Playhouse
This is a show I didn’t know much about until I entered the theater.  Sometimes it’s best to go that route; no prior knowledge.  It was a great surprise and I left feeling many emotions.
Titan Theatre Company did something extraordinary with this Shakespeare play.  They had the actors learn every part and draw a name out of a hat each night for what role they would play.  It was horrifying in the most exhilarating way possible.
* HONEYMOON IN VEGAS at Paper Mill Playhouse 
This show was utterly fantastic.  Jason Robert Brown’s score was compelling, the cast was exquisite and the overall production was exciting.  I’m glad it is transferring to Broadway.  Go see it!
If you saw any of these shows or plan to, please let me know!  I’d love to hear your feedback.
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  1. Bartley I couldn’t agree more with your choice on Beautiful as the best broadway show ! I look for to the national tour of anything goes! glad honeymoon in vegas is coming to broadway so i can get a chance to see it since i did not get to see it at the papermill..the rest of the shows i havent seen…!!!!

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