iLuminate at New World Stages

ILUMINATE is a group of artists who wear suits that light up and combine music, art and magic to tell a story. They have been seen on “America’s Got Talent” and are now performing at the New World Stages in New York City. Their show “Artist of Light” tells the tale of a young artist who struggles to connect with the real world. his magical paint brush is where he finds his comfort. When jealous bullies steal it, he and his friends must team up and fight to get it back.

imgresTwelve ensemble members take us on a sixty minute journey.  There is romance, dance and crazy monsters which make it a special experience.  The audience was hyped up and very enthusiastic throughout the show.  The hip hop dancing and beat of the music were intriguing and the illuminated costumes were fun.

The story line was a bit confusing at times but overall it pieced itself together.  If you are looking for a typical Broadway show, you won’t find it here.  However, if you want a break from the norm, check out ILUMINATE.

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Rating: That Is The Question



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