My interview with Mark from TDF Theatre Dictionary

In being part of the Independent Theater Bloggers Association, Mark’s team reached out to me to learn more about The Playbill Collector and my involvement with theater in the Twin Cities.  We had a great chat about his project, The TDF Theatre Dictionary, which is an online forum to connect actors, patrons who enjoy theater and one’s who are looking to gain a better understanding of terms together.  Each entry has a video, essay and blog conversation.
The Playbill Collector (TPC): When was TDF Theatre Dictionary formed?
Mark: The official launch was October 2012.
TPC: How did you find people for your site?
Mark: I went to school for dramaturgy and critical writing.  After graduating I moved to New York City and started working as a freelance theater journalist.  During the first phase of this project, I reached out to people in the community that I knew.
TPC: How are you going about things now?
Mark: My goal is to allow those active in the theater community to be able to participate as well as people who love theater.  The sandbox isn’t limited in its size.  We like to think of it as a communal art project.
TPC: How many people are on your team for this project?
Mark: Just me but other people at the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) help from marketing, social media, etc.
TPC: Is this your primary job?
Mark: My job title is “Online Content Editor”.  I edit the TDF Stages online theater magazine, Produce the theater dictionary, and also work on a theater video series.  It’s pretty much juggling three jobs.
TPC: How offen do you like to have new videos out?
Mark: Every two weeks is ideal but we are flexible.
TPC: I’ve noticed your clips are short and to the point but fun and informative.
Mark: We try to keep the clips two minutes or under.  Then we add the essays and blog for more information.  No one video is going to capture everything about the term but should be entertaining and encourage a larger conversation.
TPC: Is this only for “theater people”?
Mark: No, we want to empower theater artists but also bring more people into the theater culture.  This site should help make theater culture less alien to those who are not fully emersed in the community.
For more information or to learn how to get involved in the TDF Theatre Dictionary check out the website:
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