“Rock Sirenz” at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

get-attachmentWho would have thought that three women would be belting like no tomorrow at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres for a rock concert?  Certainly not me, but boy was it a blast!  “Rock Sirenz” was a two hour extravaganza featuring songs from female music diva’s: Cher, Beyonce, Whitney, Aretha, Pink, Adele, Madonna and more!  The premise of the show is simple, Katy Hays and Erin Schwab put future rocker Cat Brindisi through a series of tests and let her soar at the end.

These ladies worked it!  Along with memorizing a ton of songs, they had dance moves that fit in perfectly. Katy Hays looked like a true rocker.  She personified the image by playing the cowbell, whipping her hair back and forth and digging deep with her songs.  Cat Brindisi’s, voice is totally unique.  This type of music brought out the best in her voice and she was glowing on stage.  It was clear she was completely in her element.  In fact, all three women looked like they were having the time of their lives (no pun intended).  The all male band was phenomenal.  They let loose and jammed with the girls.  The colorful lighting, spotlights and fog made for a true night of rock.  It was no wonder the audience was diggin’ it.  The audience joined the women by holding up cigarette lighters during “I Will Always Love You”.  There were many times people sang along as well.  We even got to play “musical bingo” where the ladies sang a medley of songs by different artists.  The first person to cross off the names won a prize- a “Rock Sirenz” t-shirt.

As of now, the show was one night only.  Hopefully they will bring it back because the songs paired with the dance moves were a fun way to spend a Friday night.  I don’t think it would be possible to watch and not have a good time.  Check the Chanhassen website for further details about “Rock Sirenz” and other shows.  www.chanhassendt.com

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