Seven minutes to make or break it!

If you are looking for local talent head to “Sample Night Live”!  The first Wednesday of every month there are different performers that entertain the crowd.  The acts each get seven minutes to give you a sample of what they do.  They range from dance, spoken word, music, comedy, puppetry and more.  The show starts at 7:00pm at the History Theatre in St. Paul and has two acts.  The first act is rated G and the second act is uncensored.  At the end of the night you are asked to vote for your favorite performer.

This month was the “audience pick” show.  The event was hosted by Loungeasaurus Rex (aka Tom Reed) who was hilarious!  I’ve seen him in comedy sportz and most recently “Next to Normal”.  He is such a dynamic performer and I could not help but laugh at all of his silly jokes.  He is truly a talented guy and knows how to capture an audience.  The acts were very interesting.  I enjoyed the wide variety of talent.  For time sake I will highlight my favorite performances.

Crankshaft was amazing.  He was a one man band which is incredible to me.  He played the guitar, sang, played the drums, kazoo, and harmonica.  Anyone who can do all of those things well gets an applause from me!  He is who I voted for at the end of the night.  Sarah Morris who was the winner sang and played the guitar.  Her songs were very pretty and in my opinion she had sort of a Patsy Cline vibe.   Heatherlyn played folk music.  The second song she  played was about falling in love.  She sang of holding hands and walking around Lake Harriet in the Spring.  The words were beautiful and Lake Harriet holds a dear spot in my heart so the song struck a chord for me.  Along with these performers there was an oboe and bass duo, spoken word, a puppeteer, improv comedy group, and a few other musicians.

The great thing about having seven minute sets is, if you like the group you can vote for them again to see at “audience choice” night.  They also give information on upcoming gigs they have.  On the other hand, if you don’t like them, they will be done soon enough! We have so many talented artists and musicians in the Twin Cities that it is is nice to see different forms of art.

On top of the performances, there was art showcased and for sale in the lobby.  The local artists were there to talk to and my friend ended up buying seven pieces for her room.  Next month Sample Night is “staff pick”.  For more information check out their website:

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