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I’ve recently become obsessed with “Sunday in the Park with George”.  Last month I saw it at Bloomington Civic Theatre twice.  I was a volunteer usher and did not plan to blog on it.  Until, I could not let it go.  There was so much content I felt I had to write about it.  You can read my full review called “White.  A blank page of canvas.  His favorite. So many possibilities.

This week I picked the song “Everybody Loves Louis” from the show.  Many would think I would choose a more popular song such as “Finishing the Hat”, “We Do Not Belong Together” or  “Move On”.  Those were highlighted in my blog so I chose this song instead because I fear it may be overlooked due to other pieces in the show.  I own “Look, I Made A Hat” by Stephen Sondheim and although he gives background information on many of his songs, this one was not given further details.

Dot loves George.  In the beginning of the show they are together but he is distant. He is wrapped up in his art.  After a while she leaves him and starts dating Louis but her heart is still with George.  This song sounds fun and peppy.  However, it is gut wrenching.  Dot loves a man who cannot love her back the way she needs and deserves.  Instead she settles for a man who seems wonderful in many respects but he is not George and never will be.  The ideas of being alone, settling, and being in love is common in todays society.  Dot chooses to settle instead of being alone.  It causes us to think, what would you do?

The lyrics are absolutely beautiful.  The second to last verse is my favorite.  “We lose things.  And then we choose things.  And there are Louis’s.  And there are Georges.  Well, Louis’s.  And George.  But George has George.  And I need, someone, Louis.”  Instead of writing an essay (which I could easily do) I will let you listen and decide for yourself how you feel about the song.  Do yourself a favor, listen to the entire soundtrack of “Sunday in the Park with George”.  It is a brilliant Sondheim piece.

Bernadette Peters singing “Everybody Loves Louis”:

Everybody Loves Louis Lyrics:
Hello, George…
Where did you go, George?
I know you’re near, George.
I caught your eyes, George.
I want your ear, George.
I’ve a surprise, George…

Everybody loves Louis,
Louis’ simple and kind.
Everybody loves Louis,
Louis’ lovable
Seems we never know, do we,
Who we’re going to find?
And Louis the baker is not what I had in mind.

Louis’ really an artist
Louis’ cakes are an art.
Louis isn’t the smartest-
Louis’ popular.
Everybody loves Louis,
Louis bakes from the heart…

The bread, George.
I mean the bread, George.
And then in bed, George…
I mean he kneads me-
I mean like dough, George…
Hello, George…

Louis’ always so pleasant,
Louis’ always so fair.
Louis makes you feel present,
Louis’ generous.
That’s the thing about Louis
Louis always is “there.”
Louis’ thoughts are not hard to follow,
Louis’ art is not hard to swallow.

Not that Louis’ perfection-
That’s what makes him ideal.
Hardly anything worth objection
Louis drinks a bit,
Louis blinks a bit.
Louis makes a connection,
That’s the thing that you feel…
We lose things.
And then we choose things.
And there are Louis’s
And there are Georges-
Well, Louis’s
And George.
But George has George,
And I need-

Everybody loves Louis,
Him as well as his cakes.
Everybody loves Louis,
Me included, George.
Not afraid to be gooey,
Louis sells what he makes.
Everybody gets along him.
That’s the trouble, nothing’s wrong with him.

Louis has to bake his way,
George can only bake his…
Louis it is.

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