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After ten years, “The Last Five Years” is heading back to Broadway (technically, off-Broadway)!  If asked about my favorite musicals this show would hands down be on my list.  The only problem is, it belongs on a list of its own.   The show explores a five-year relationship between a novelist, Jamie, and a struggling actress, Cathy.  Cathy tells her story from the end to the beginning of the marriage.  Jamie tells his point of view from the beginning to the end.  The most interesting part is the characters do not interact except for one song in the middle which is their wedding song.  The original cast boasted two rising stars, Cathy played by Sherie Rene Scott went on to play lead roles in “Rent”, “Aida”, “The Little Mermaid” and more.  Jamie was played by Norbert Leo Butz who is best known for his roles in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “Catch Me If You Can”.

The song I chose is the last song of the show “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/ I Could Never Rescue You”.  Cathy sings of her excitement to have just met Jamie.  She is full of joy and you can see it in her facial expressions.  She is practically glowing and can hardly stop smiling throughout the song.  Not to mention, Sherie Rene Scott has a set of chops I would die to have!  I’ve been a fan of her’s since I saw her in “Aida” in 2000 on Broadway.  Jamie’s tone is much more somber.  He is at the end of their marriage and is walking away.  He is saddened by the brokenness that has taken place over the years and is ready to move forward.

The composition of this entire musical is beyond stunning.  Jason Robert Brown wrote such a wonderful hit I am thrilled that it will be heading back to New York City.  My suggestion to you, dear reader, listen to this entire soundtrack on Spotify.  If it does not move you in any way, then never listen to it again.  However, in my opinion, I believe you will discover a treasure and like me, will want to listen over and over again.  Enjoy!

The CD recording:

Video of the stage version:

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