Video of the week for 3/25/13

urlIn honor of Easter I chose to highlight “Jesus Christ Superstar“.  Truth be told, I did not like the show when I was younger.  I’m unsure why because I am a HUGE “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” fan (another Andrew Lloyd Webber musical).  My parents practically dragged me to the La Jolla Playhouse last year to see JCSS and thank the Lord they did!  It was an incredible show and ignited my love for the music.  Unfortunately, I could not find a YouTube video of my favorite song “Simon Zealotes” but I got the title song “Superstar” which is another great one.  The good news for you is you can watch the movie on Netflix or listen to the beautifully crafted music on Spotify!  One issue some people have with the musical is some versions (depending on the Director) make it seem as though Mary is in love or interested in Jesus.  This upsets many Christians because Biblically that is not the case.  When I saw it at La Jolla Playhouse it did not seem that way.  She merely cared for him just as the other disciples did.  If you set that one issue aside, you will see the lovely show this is.  Hope you like the video!


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